Career at ASWO

ASWO is a family owned company that has developed strong values and a strong corporate culture for many years

Above all, what’s important to us is commitment and the long-term sustainability of our values: flexibility, friendliness, know-how, availability, speed, reliability, quality and honesty.

To work at ASWO is to become part of a professional history that started more than forty years ago that has shaped a unique corporate culture of performance that is recognized. It is also about team work that puts the customer at the heart of its business.

These values characterize Life at ASWO, and we all make a point of passing these values on to those who join us.

ASWO offers a family environment and we take care to maintain a good working climate every day. Every year we make anonymous employee surveys to obtain feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve as an employer. Internal quality team circles ensure that when we identify important innovations and changes, they are implemented quickly.